Pakistan has an estimated population of 165,803,560. Pakistan has the world's sixth largest population, placing it higher than Russia, and lower than Brazil.

Urdu is the national language and lingua franca of Pakistan and English is the official language used in the Constitution and widely used by corporate businesses, the educated urban elite, and most universities. Punjabi is spoken by over 60 million people, but has no official recognition in the country. The large majority of Pakistanis belong to the Indo-Aryan ethnic group although there are a substantial number of Iranic peoples and smaller numbers of Dravidians. These major ethnic groups are further broken down into several smaller ethnic groups - Punjabis (44.68)% of the population, Pashtuns (15.42%), Sindhis (14.1%), Seraikis (10.53%), Muhajirs (7.57%), Balochis (3.57%) and others (4.66%) such as Tajiks, Bengalis and many others.

The demographics of religion in Pakistan were significantly influenced in 1947 by the movement of Muslims to Pakistan, and Hindus and Sikhs to India. Census data indicates that 96% of the population are Muslims, of whom nearly 80% are Sunni Muslims and 19% are Shi'a Muslims. Pakistan has the second highest Shia population in the world, after Iran. The remainder comprises of Christians, Hindus, Jews, Sikhs, Parsis, Ahmadis, and Animists (mainly the Kalasha of Chitral). A few Buddhists are included in Pakistani statistics; however, these live in Indian administered Ladakh which Pakistan claims along with the rest of Kashmir. As of 2005, over three million refugees (approximately 81.5% being ethnic Pashtuns remain in Pakistan as a result of the wars in Afghanistan, with 83% of these refugees reporting their intent to permanently settle in Pakistan.

History Of Pakistan
The Indus Valley Civilization: 2500 BC , one of the world's first great civilizations began to develop in the Indus Valley in what is now Pakistan. Experts don't know why it collapsed. Pakistan has rich and diverse heritage.Its history comprises of fully developed civilizations spread in different cities.
Art & Culture
Pakistan has every reason to be proud of the thousands of year's old and rich tradition of its arts and crafts. In the post-independence period, the successive governments have been providing substantial state help and initiative for the uplift and development of arts and crafts in the country.
Pakistan's fashion industry is spreading its wings all over the world.Pakistan has abundance of talented and experienced fashion designers, models and of course zealous fashion. Pakistani fashion trends represents the fusion of tradition and modernity.Pakistan fashion industry rocks!!.


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